Newer condos for sale in Longview WA!

Condos in Longview WA, near Kelso WA, between Portland OR and Olympia WA, 5 minutes drive from I-5.

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High Speed Internet Access

Rivers Edge Condos has commercial grade, FAST, reliable Internet access for each condo included for no extra charge! The building has Cascade Networks fiber-optic commercial grade Internet access, fast commercial grade switching equipment in our mechanical room, fast CAT-5 commercial grade network wiring to each condo, and no data limits, no throttling!

Our speed tests (using a computer with Ethernet cable plugged into computer) shows each condo unit typically has Internet speeds of 70 to 80 mb/s download, 75 to 85 mb/s upload. You won’t find free Internet that fast anywhere else in Cowlitz County, and you probably won’t find paid home/residential or commercial Internet that fast anywhere else because (unlike Comcast-Xfinity and Century Link) we never throttle users downloads or videos, and our upload speeds are 4x to 5x faster than anything offered by Comcast-Xfinity or Century Link plans!

R.E. Condos has Cascade Networks fiber-optic commercial Internet (included for no extra charge). In Cowlitz County, Comcast-Xfinity, Century Link, and others use outdated coaxial cable (round cable-TV type cable) to provide Internet access. This limits Xfinity and Century Link upload speeds to 15 to 20 mb/s. This is why Xfinity and Century Link don’t talk much about upload speeds. Our typical upload speeds are 75 to 85 mb/s (per condo).

Another issue with most Internet providers (other than Cascade) is they throttle/govern/choke/reduce download speed to painfully slow speed after a customer has used an arbitrary quota set by the Internet provider. So they only provide their advertised download speed for light to moderate use. For heavy use they throttle you. If you download a lot, or watch a lot of movies, you get throttled/reduced to slow speed. Cascade Networks and R.E. Condos setup never throttles our customers. So our Internet service is fast all the time!

Note: Internet performance is only as fast as the slowest thing in the chain. We can’t guarantee your Internet performance will always be fast because some of the websites you view, or files you download, may be on slow or congested servers, or the Internet maybe be slow/congested during Internet rush-hour (4 PM to 7:30 PM weekdays). No matter how fast your Internet access is, you can’t go faster than the Internet and server (website) on other end can go.

However, we’re confident that (if configured correctly) your Internet access will never be the bottleneck. When Web is fast, and you’re viewing a fast website, or especially when downloading from a fast website, you’ll be impressed with the speed. Your Internet access speed will be faster than the fastest website servers and fastest file download servers (and will stay fast because it won’t throttle). This means your Internet access speed (if properly configured) will NOT be a bottle neck. You can browse the Web while watching a video, or while downloading multiple files, or have multiple devices/people using your Internet simultaneously .

With our Internet access, you will consistently get speeds within the range of 70 to 85 mb/s download and upload (if you have a CAT-5 Ethernet cable plugged into your computer, a good router (ideally Sonic Wall), and your devices are correctly setup). If you connect through Wifi, have a good router, and devices properly setup; you can expect speeds consistently 40-55 mb/s download and upload, which is very fast for Wifi.

Wifi speed 15 mb/s is good, 20 mb/s is excellent, we give you 40-55 mb/s (if configured correctly, and if your device can go that fast).

Our commercial Internet access is great for recreational users and telecommuters who work from home using their computer and Internet.

For example, 2 doctors live here and telecommute 2 days a week, which allows them to physically stay home 2 days a week while working. A computer programmer and web designer lives here and telecommutes most days. He says his condo home office Internet access is faster than at his business office across town.

Fast Internet and basic cable TV are included for no extra charge. See our cost of living comparison page to compare monthly cost of living at R.E. Condos vs a home. River’s Edge offers reduced monthly cost of living and perks too!

Rivers Edge is a great place to live, play and relax; and our fiber-optic commercial grade Internet makes telecommuting fast and efficient, which means less automotive commuting for an easier, safer, lower stress, more efficient lifestyle, and significant money saved on gas and car repairs.



How to setup your router for best results…

Each condo has an Ethernet wall plug-in. For fastest Internet, plug an Ethernet cable from your wall plug-in to your router, and from your router to your computer. i.e. – for fastest Internet access plug an Ethernet cable into your computer. Wifi (wireless) is never as fast as a cable. However, if you want the convenience of no wires, then Wifi is good when setup properly. Properly setup Wifi at R.E. Condos is fast, but not as fast as an Ethernet cable connected to computer.

Please do yourself a favor and buy a high quality router with good Wifi broadcasting. Your desktop computer will get maximum speed and reliability from Ethernet cable plugged into computer. Your phone, tablet, and other wireless devices will get best possible Wifi speed and reliability with a good quality router that’s properly setup. Most laptop computers have the option to plug in an Ethernet cable, or use Wifi. A cable is the fastest, most secure, most reliable way to connect your laptop to the Internet, but Wifi is handy because it’s wireless, which keeps your laptop portable while using the Internet.

Our Samsung S8 smart-phone Wifi tests showed typical Wifi Internet speeds 40-50 mb/s download, 45-55 mb/s upload. Our desktop computer tests (connected to Ethernet cable) showed typical speeds 75-80 mb/s download, 80-85 mb/s upload.

Either way of connecting (Ethernet cable or Wifi) requires a good quality router that’s properly configured. It’s the responsibility of each condo owner (if they want to use Internet) to purchase a good router and properly configure it, or hire a qualified computer support professional.

A cheap router will bottle-neck speed, reduce reliability, and cause reliability problems. Adding insult to injury, a cheap router typically dies after 2 years. For best results, buy a good router – preferably a Sonic Wall brand router/Wifi-broadcaster. A Sonic Wall router makes setup easier, increases speed and reliability, and lasts 4 to 5+ years. A Sonic Wall router is cheaper in the long run.

If you’re an expert at setting up routers/Wifi-broadcasters, you can do it yourself; but if you’re not an expert please hire Sutinen Consulting to install and configure a Sonic Wall router/Wifi-broadcaster so it will be a successful setup with fast, reliable results that continues working for a many years.

Sutinen Consulting sells and warranties Sonic Wall router/Wifi-broadcasters and is familiar with configuring them for best results with R.E Condos Internet service because they set up our service and maintain it. They’re qualified professionals.

If you don’t have Sutinen set up a Sonic Wall router, we can’t predict the results. If you buy a Sonic Wall router from Sutinen and have them set it up, we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results.



Our speed/performance tests we’re done using a Sonic Wall router that was setup by Tim Sutinen of Sutinen Consulting. We have excellent speed and reliability from it.